Nordic Food Entrepreneur

Goes to a person, a company or an organization, who has developed a new method which is built on food artisan tradition and has broad appeal and market potential.

Bondens Skafferi


The farmer’s pantry or Bondens Skafferi gives local producers the opportunity to get their products out on the market, from ordering to picking up the products on the farm where they are produced. Bondens Skafferi is the link between producers’ chefs and grocery stores. They enable commodities from farms to end up on the Chefs menu. Their entrepreneurship starts from ordering to distribution. Locally produced food creates the novelty of where it is produced and who is behind it. Chefs, and restaurant guests get a relation to the food’s origins while preserving and developing local and regional food traditions. They serve as an important link to those who run a restaurant or delicatess store to meet the customers’ growing interest in food produced in the neighborhood where you live.
Bondens Skafferi with traditional and local produce brings unique flavors and makes Swedish cuisine something special!