Nordic Food Artisan

Goes to a food artisan, who have developed a unique product which represent a high gastronomic quality and is rooted in Nordic raw ingredients and artisan traditions.


Faroe Islands

Traditionally bull calves are considered a waste product, which is disposed of at birth.

The farm Gásadalsgarðurin, situated in the picturesque village of Gásadalur on the island of Vágar, has come up with a concept to utilize this resource.

The calves are organically raised, slaughtered in the local slaughterhouse, and fermented in the local drying shed. This method is not traditionally used on beef, and the resulting unique product (even on the Faroe Islands) is then used in a fermented beef soup.

The soup, which has been highly praised by food-critics, is served for visitors in the aforementioned slaughterhouse, which has a beautiful view of the jagged islet of Tindhólmur.