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Gísli Matthías Auðunsson


Gísli Matt is a chef & entrepreneur and a true food promoter, born in the tiny island of Vestmannaeyjar in 1989. Gísli graduated from culinary school in Iceland with high honours in 2011. He started his own restaurant, Slippurinn, at 23 years of age along with his family back in 2012, a modern Icelandic restaurant in his hometown. Gísli later opened two more restaurants, Matur og drykkur and Skál in Reykjavík. Both restaurant are known for original and fun take of traditional Icelandic cuisine.

Gísli has been a big part of the Icelandic Slow food movement since 2012 and takes great pride in showcasing Icelandic produce and methods trough his restaurants and various pop up’s around the world.

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