Nordic Food Producer

Goes to the farmer, the fisherman, the hunter or the collector, who represent raw ingredients of high gastronomic quality, who make use of the Nordic natural and cultural terroir and who himself is producing, catching or collecting the raw materials.

Hestbjerg Økologi ApS, Marianne og Bertel Hestbjerg


Hestbjerg Økologi is an old family farm with roots back to 1623. We are the 16th generation. Our passion is pigs, and we focus entirely on supplying high quality organic pork. Our vision is to provide the very best conditions for our pigs, and to continue to acquire consumers who are willing to purchase our pork. This vision has led to “the poplar pigs from Hestbjerg”. Animal welfare is fulcrum in this concept. However, recycling, minimization of CO2 emissions, and respect for our nature and wildlife is becoming an increasingly important part of our production frame. This is a dynamic process where the journey never ends. Together with 25 motivated employees, we love our jobs, and hope that tomorrow we are able to push the frame a little bit further than yesterday.