Nordic Food for Many

Goes to a person or an organization, who has done an extraordinary effort to encourage meals, quality and a Nordic food culture in public meals.

IKEA Iceland


IKEA in Iceland has achieved exceptional results in the sale of food in recent years. Now IKEA’s restaurant in Garðabær is among the most popular ones in Iceland. During a 12-year period, the turnover increased thirty-six-times which is quite unique. After the economic collapse in 2008, the management decided to increase the restaurant service with the aim of getting more customers into the store. They decided among other things to give children free meals and lower prices of various dishes. That worked brilliantly.

The restaurant focuses on national food traditions and national ingredients. A new and improved bakery sells popular bread, small dishes and sandwiches, salads and classic pastries at a reasonable price.

Managers of IKEA in Iceland have focused on selling food that does not need to be transported far away.