Nordic Food for children and youth

Goes to a person or an organization, who has developed an idea or a concept which notably has contributed to develop future generation knowledge and skills in relation to Nordic food and food culture.

Iceland – Matartíminn

Matartíminn (e. The mealtime) is a trademark owned by farmers who strive to increase the share of Icelandic products on the schoolchildren’s tables, especially Icelandic vegetables, meat and fish. The company has made remarkable progress in increasing the share of Icelandic goods in primary and pre-primary schools in the capital area of Reykjavík.

Matartíminn is known for its flexibility and variety in production and servive. Emphasis is placed on ensuring food safety, and there are strict working rules regarding food allergies and food intolerance. At the beginning of each school year, there are briefings for parents and children on diet and the focus of the company. By following dietary recommendations, it is easier to ensure that the body receives the nutrients it needs and promotes good health and well-being of the children.

Matartíminn devotes a great deal to fully utilize all the farmers’ crops and ensuring that no food waste occurs.