Nordic Food Entrepreneur

Goes to a person, a company or an organization, who has developed a new method which is built on food artisan tradition and has broad appeal and market potential.

Mattas Gårdsmejeri – Jennifer Sundman and Lars-Johan Mattsson


Jennifer and Lars-Johan are a young, energetic and innovative couple who fulfilled their dream of small-scale, organic milk production with their own farm dairy. They have a genuine interest in animals and agriculture and great visions for the Åland countryside. Mattas Gårdsmejeri (e. Mattas dairy farm) helps to lift Åland as a gastronomic region.

They have a cafe on the farm which they open in the summer, where they serve among other things their popular Halloumiburger, and their own ice cream. Their cheeses and their yogurt have won several medals in the Finnish Championships for Food Artisan products.

The Mattas farm has been inherited by Jennifer’s family since 1815, some 200 years and counting.