Nordic Food for children and youth

Goes to a person or an organization, who has developed an idea or a concept which notably has contributed to develop future generation knowledge and skills in relation to Nordic food and food culture.

Norsk smaksskule


Norsk smaksskule (e. Norwegian tasteschool) teaches school- and kindergarten employees how they can amplify their teaching in taste, cooking and use of commodities in their education of children. The courses are free of charge. Its main vision is to make the children get the most possible flavor references and train them in separating tastes from others. The purpose is to create positive behavioral changes related to food and dietary habits among children and young people across the country. Since 2007 about 50.000 Norwegian children and 1000 teachers have been engaged in the tasting school. Norsk Smaksskule is a project run by Norwegian Cultural Heritage – and by the idea of chef Arne Brimi.