Nordic Food Destination

Goes to a society, an institution or a community, who has assembled producers of raw ingredients, restaurants and other local actors to lift a geographic destination through food-culture, cooperation and unity.

Arktisk mat


ArktiskMat (Arctic Food) is an annual foodfestival in the picturesque and remote town of Mosjøen, midnorth of Norway. Unlike most food events, ArktiskMat is arranged by a school. Their culinary and agricultural students are very important as both participants and executors of the arrangement. Since the start in 2012 ArtiskMat have focused on achieving awareness around our arctic resources and a sustainable approach to them. Arctic Food is a meeting place for young and established chefs and food people and during the years some of the most respected names in the food industry have held lectures here in an aim to contribute to increase the recruitment to the world of food and food production.