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Heidi Bjerkan and Fannremsgården


Heidi Bjerkan: The acknowledged chef Heidi Bjerkan has made it her trademark always promoting the unique taste and qualities of the commodities in her cooking and communication. At her restaurant Credo in Trondheim she has taken her passion for sustainability to a new level in her way of communicating to her guest: awareness of the close bond between the farmer, chef and consumer is for instances visualized by portrait photos of every cow she gets milk from, their name, age etc. Thanks to the close cooperation with the farmers, she received Michelin’s first sustainability price in 2019.

Fannremsgården: Farmer, historian and lecturer Jon Fredrik Skauge delivers milk and dairy products to Credo restaurant. Heidi Bjekan and Jon Fredrik Skauge share joint passion for quality and tradition. On his farm in Sør-Trøndelag, located in the midst of Norway, he milks his seven cows of the traditional “Sidet Trøndercattle” . Because he van separate the milk from each cow he then has the opportunity to create products such as sour cream from each cow. Journalists from many parts of the world have in recent years taken great interest in what is happening at Fannremsgården and have visited the farm, lived on the farm, been involved in everything that is done on the farm.