Nordic Food Artisan

Goes to a food artisan, who have developed a unique product which represent a high gastronomic quality and is rooted in Nordic raw ingredients and artisan traditions.

Öfvergårds in collaboration with Backmans Smakverk. Anna and Jan Alm collaborating with Tina and Jonas Backman


Öfvergårds is located in Tjudö – the apple farming kingdom of Åland. The farm has about 6,000 trees. Anna and Jan Alm took over the farm in 2010 after Anna’s parents, who once took over from their grandparents.

A passionate food artisan couple behind the success of Backmans Smakverk, Jonas and Tina Backman has succeeded both in SM and FM in food crafts with their air-dried products. To them food crafts means protecting old, traditional cooking methods, but at the same time using contemporary spices and seasonings. To preserve the good of previous generations but also to pass it on to the future.

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