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Goes to a person, a company or an organization, who has developed a new method which is built on food artisan tradition and has broad appeal and market potential.

Samuli Laurikainen – Silmusalaatti Snafu Oy


Silmusalaatti (Finnish for “sprout salad”) salads grown by organic farmer Samuli Laurikainen are mixtures of different sprouts and shoots that are grown from organic seeds of broccoli, alfalfa, reddish, clover, peas and lentils using only fresh water and light. The clear water of Lake Päijänne and clean seeds are all that is needed for cultivation – no fertilisers, pesticides, or preservatives are used. The Silmusalaatti flavour comes from carefully selected varieties and their mixture ratio, with nothing extra added. The energy efficient growing facilities are located only 15 kilometers from downtown Helsinki. Today the brand’s salads are packed into recyclable cardboard cartons and sold in grocery stores all over Finland.