Nordic Food Producer

Goes to the farmer, the fisherman, the hunter or the collector, who represent raw ingredients of high gastronomic quality, who make use of the Nordic natural and cultural terroir and who himself is producing, catching or collecting the raw materials.

Sören Karlsson – Överängs Mills (Överängs Kvarn)


In the early 90s, Sören took the first step towards what today is Överängs Mill in Saltvik. Twenty-five years later, the mill has been expanded and Sören can name himself as a miller. He started grinding wheat flour with a stone mill that was driven around by belts and a tractor. The flour was sold to relatives and friends and through them word spread. Three years later, the demand was stable. The mills moved out of the garage and a used stone mill was purchased. By this time, a ton of flour a year was produced. Everything done by hand. Inside the mill Sören’s clever solutions are made visible in the web of pipes, floor to ceiling, all necessary for the grain to pass all stages to finished flour. 

Sören´s basic requirement is that the raw material is organic and locally grown.