Nordic Food Communicator

Goes to a person, a storyteller, a media or a concept, which communicate the joy and enhance the knowledge for Nordic food.

Anette Gustawson


Anette is a communicator in time. At a time when everyone who wants to be able to communicate, the competition is hard to reach through the noise. She succeeds with her genuine way of getting even ministers to listen. She manages to get messages that change laws and guidelines, for example within the school food and that the Swedish dairy cow is not a climate threat.

Anette is a proud Swedish milk farmer with 130 organic dairy cows in a village north of Stockholm. As the city and country slide increasingly apart, it is important that those who produce the food to the table show and tell about their everyday life. The communication is via debate articles, social media, lectures in schools for consumers, politicians and with study visits and via TV. Anette communicates difficulties easy and simply.

She is a driven and courageous communicator who dares to take the debate to secure food production and future recruitment for what she describes as a fantastic profession.

Website: Billinge gård