Nordic Food Artisan

Goes to a food artisan, who have developed a unique product which represent a high gastronomic quality and is rooted in Nordic raw ingredients and artisan traditions.

The Hellström family


The Hellström family is a new generation that continues to work on developing Swedish cheese tradition. Here in a red-white farm dairy, some of Sweden’s best cheeses are produced.

17 people live in the small village of Södra Svedjan in the western botanical forests, which lies in the slope down towards Storkågeträsket. Here one of Sweden’s most famous cheeses is produced. Svedjan Gårdsost is award-winning and even served at the Nobel dinner. The farm’s 40 cows deliver the milk to high quality cheeses.

“Through the farm dairy, we get the outlet for our longing to create something that conveys heart, pain and much more that belongs to the hardworking and beautiful in life on a farm in the northern forest countryside”.