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Åland – Åland100

Participation and relationship marketing is a future way to go for those who work in rural areas. During the period 9 June 2021 to 9 June 2022, Åland’s autonomy celebrates its 100th anniversary. Visit Åland has chosen to rent an apple tree of the variety Zonga in Öfvergård’s apple garden, a tree for every Finnish city, to communicate the celebration, the destination and the Åland products. The apples from those trees have been mustered and sent to the cities before Christmas. The campaign has achieved great media success and significantly increased interest in Åland and Åland products. Under the Åland100 umbrella there are several food-related activities such as picnic event, competition of the Åland dish of the century, special food gifts. Increased collaboration with restaurants and farmers includes more local products in the Åland100-menus. All activities engage not only the locals but also awakes a great interest among our visitors. There is also a part focusing on education as in how to highlight the local products in events and restaurants, and with the food artisans in mind, marketing of our local delicacies in social media and so on.