Nordic Food Entrepreneur

Goes to a person, a company or an organization, who has developed a new method which is built on food artisan tradition and has broad appeal and market potential.

Denmark – Contempehrary, Nordic Tempeh

Contempehrary is nominated for EMBLA 2021 due to its innovative development of plant-based, natural and flavourful products, with a uniquely Nordic touch. Contempehrary develops and produces a brand-new product, Nordic tempeh. This is an exceptional product developed through fermentation of organic raw materials, exclusively grown in the Nordics, such as peas, hemp, local cereals and beans. Traditionally, Tempeh originates from the island of Java, however, Nordic Tempeh combines local ingredients with the rediscovered method of fermentation, that has swept through Denmark as the new Nordic cuisine redefines the Danish dinnerplate. What makes Nordic Tempeh unique is the fact that it is not a mock-meat or a meat replacement product – it is its very own thing, a tasteful sensory boost to the world of plant based products, proving that plant based foods can succeed on their own merits, and not just as a faux-meat. Furthermore, sustainability, quality and transparency are central to Contempehrary, underlining their vision is for Nordic Tempeh to become the preferred source of plant-based protein in the Nordic cuisine.