Nordic Food Destination

Goes to a society, an institution or a community, who has assembled producers of raw ingredients, restaurants and other local actors to lift a geographic destination through food-culture, cooperation and unity.

Denmark – Destination Bornholm Melstedgaard

Melstedgaard, Bornholm is nominated for EMBLA 2021 due to their extensive work to place the island of Bornholm on the gastronomic world map, thus ensuring a widespread recognition of Bornholm’s extraordinary work with local food products and gastronomy. Located in traditional homestead, built in 1801, Melstedgaard has become THE scene for gastronomic innovation, experiences and education for professionals and tourists alike. Melstedgaard is Denmark’s first regional food culture house. The location also houses Bornholm’s Madkulturhus (Foodculture Venue), Frilandsmuseet (Museum of local agriculture) and has its own farmshop – bursting with local artisan products, unique to the island. At Melstedgaard, guests can experience historical food production, cooking traditions of the past and the islands’ flourishing current food culture. Working closely with local agencies, such as Destination Bornholm, Melstedgaard is the ultimate destination for sustainable development of local food producers AND gastro-tourism.