Nordic Food Communicator

Goes to a person, a storyteller, a media or a concept, which communicate the joy and enhance the knowledge for Nordic food.

Denmark – Det Grønne Museum

Det Grønne Museum (The Green Museum) is Denmark’s national museum for hunting, forestry, agriculture, and food. Here, children and adults alike, can experience Danish and Nordic food culture and history through a wide variety of well-crafted activities. Det Grønne Museum is a knowledge institution that works actively to preserve and cultivate old varieties of plants and animal breeds –uniquely including the guests in the process. In addition, the museum has an affiliated school, specializing in food knowledge (Madens Hus). Here, guests can get first-hand knowledge about ancient kitchen techniques and practice preparation of meals using historical kitchen utensils and techniques traditionally used Denmark. Det Grønne Museum is a uniquely Nordic experience combining storytelling and getting your hands wonderfully “dirty”.