Nordic Food Destination

Goes to a society, an institution or a community, who has assembled producers of raw ingredients, restaurants and other local actors to lift a geographic destination through food-culture, cooperation and unity.

Faroe Islands – Gásadalur

Gásadalur is a stunningly beautiful village situated on the island of Vágar, and it is one of the last places on the main islands to be connected to the road system.

In order to save the village from depopulation, a 1700 m. long tunnel was constructed to the valley (population: 16). Since the tunnel was finished in 2004, Gásadalur has been a popular tourist attraction, catering both with its scenery and its food.

The fertile valley of Gásadalur, the nearby pastures of Víkar and the bird cliffs have always been regarded as a good larder, and the entrepreneurial villagers have revived and developed these resources.

People from Gásadalur have pioneered the growing of vegetables, and the valley is one of the few places you can grow barley on the Faroe Islands. This barley is, together with water from the local stream, used by the local brewery Föroya Bjór to create “Múlafossur Red Ale”, a special beer named for the iconic waterfall in Gásadalur.

The village slaughterhouse is converted into a restaurant (when not in use), which serves local products, and the villagers have developed new takes on traditional fare, fx. a fermented beef soup.