Nordic Food for children and youth

Goes to a person or an organization, who has developed an idea or a concept which notably has contributed to develop future generation knowledge and skills in relation to Nordic food and food culture.

Norway – Geitmyra Credo

Geitmyra Credo is a branch of one of Norway’s best and most sustainable restaurants, Credo in Trondheim. That Credo boss and chef, Heidi Bjerkan, chooses to focus on children and young people, shows how dedicated she is. – Children are the future, it is important to focus on the children. We must take children and young people seriously.  

Geitmyra Credo uses the joy of food to teach children and young people to become fond of food that makes them feel good and to teach them about food in a holistic perspective – from farm to fork. Not only will it lead to increased competence about the students’ own lives and health. It will also give them a strengthened understanding of sustainability, how to make good food choices and how to take care of life on earth. Credo has schooling, courses for kindergartens, internships for adults who work with children, courses for infant parents, leisure courses for children and families, open events, chicken houses, beehives and an educational kitchen garden. Everything happens together with one of the country’s best restaurants – Credo. Credo Restaurant has branded itself on sustainability and an extensive collaboration with local farmers and producers. It has also engaged in training of young chefs. In 2019, Credo received Michelin’s own sustainability award in addition to the highly esteemed Michelin star.