Nordic Food Artisan

Goes to a food artisan, who have developed a unique product which represent a high gastronomic quality and is rooted in Nordic raw ingredients and artisan traditions.

Greenland – Sassuma Sea Salt

At Sassuma Sea Salt, the founder Napaartoq Petrussen uses the clean oceanwater as a resource, to produce pure and tasteful sea salt. He does this with respect for nature, culture, environment, and the local community. His idea is to bring salt to life with historical, experiential, intuitive and scientific understanding of what makes the process sustainable and successful. Napaartoq works tirelessly with product development and new flavors, using locally collected herbs and berries. He is very aware of the impact of his production on the environment, and the salt is produced with care, and with excess heat from the nearby powerplant.

Sassuma Sea Salt increases the taste of Greenland and supports the importance of taking care of the sea, as described in the Greenlandic myth “Mother of the Sea”.