Nordic Food for children and youth

Goes to a person or an organization, who has developed an idea or a concept which notably has contributed to develop future generation knowledge and skills in relation to Nordic food and food culture.

Faroe Islands – Jóhanna á Tjaldrafløtti

Jóhanna á Tjaldrafløtti has, as the head of Húsarhaldsskúli Føroyar (the housekeeping school) in Klaksvík, dedicated the last 30 years of her life to educate, inspire and embolden the younger generations of the Faroe Islands.

Under Jóhannas leadership, Húsarhaldskúli Føroyar is a modern and creative school, based in the strong gastronomical traditions of the Faroe Islands and the practical skills needed for a healthy, economical, and sustainable life.

Húsarhaldsskúli Føroyar is a boarding school, and social activities and skills play a vital role in the educational approach. The school organizes several themed excursions (fx. at the lamb-slaughter in the fall) and combines a focus on local raw materials with nutritional knowledge, exercise, economics, arts and crafts and self-sufficiency.