Nordic Food for Many

Goes to a person or an organization, who has done an extraordinary effort to encourage meals, quality and a Nordic food culture in public meals.

Denmark – Junkfood

The Junkgood initiative is nominated for EMBLA 2021 because of the socioeconomic initiative to provide well-tasting and nutritious food for the homeless, cooked by fantastic chefs and food professionals. Rasmus Munk, Head Chef and creative mind behind the fabled two Michelin stared Restaurant Alchemist, founded the project during the Covid-19 shutdown in 2020. When restaurant kitchens were forced to shut down for guests, it freed up time and space for cooking for a different crowd. Restaurants have since reopened but the initiative continues to live on after the pandemic. Junkfood ensures hot meals every day for hundreds of homeless individuals in Copenhagen, actively working with several homeless shelters and drop-in centres to deliver the food directly to many people in need. Every day, the team produces between 300 – 350 nutritious meals, allowing hundreds in need to enjoy a healthy, locally sourced and well tasting meal. Sustainability is at the heart of Junkfoods DNA. Among other things, the team works with FødevareBanken (the local foodbank) to have a surplus of goods delivered and has a keen focus on reducing food waste by cooking produce in season, from local producers and by rethinking the menu to fit the availability of fresh local foods.