Nordic Food Destination

Goes to a society, an institution or a community, who has assembled producers of raw ingredients, restaurants and other local actors to lift a geographic destination through food-culture, cooperation and unity.

Norway – Kvitnes gård

Kvitnes Gård offers world-class hyper-local food and accommodation in adventurous surroundings. Here the menus are rooted in local ingredients and the history of the region. The raw materials prepared at the restaurant come mainly from the farm with its own garden and its own animals. What is bought comes exclusively from local producers from the local regions in Vesterålen, Lofoten or Senja. The fish on the menu is fished from the fish-rich seas in the surrounding areas. The moose is shot by the farmer. Every part of the animal is used. 

This requires a close collaboration with local producers, fishermen and slaughterhouses. In this way, the restaurant has full control of the entire food value chain, and a long growing season with sun around the clock produces fantastic vegetables and berries. This has undoubtedly been a recipe for success. Kvitnes Gård has become one of the big food talkies in Norway, with a stated goal of getting the first ever Michelin star to northern Norway. The magnificent nature has for a long time attracted tourists to Lofoten. Thanks to Kvitnes Gård, the northern Norway tourist map is expanded, and you go to Kvitnes in Vesterålen to experience local food culture.