Nordic Food Communicator

Goes to a person, a storyteller, a media or a concept, which communicate the joy and enhance the knowledge for Nordic food.

Sweden – Lisa Lemke

Lisa Lemke uses various channels in communication – TV programs, cookbooks, newspapers and social media. Her core issues around food are agriculture and sustainability, and that’s something she’s actively working on. Her communication is genuine, honest and trustworthy. She wants to contribute to creating better conditions for Swedish primary producers and for consumers to gain a broader understanding of where the food they eat, actually comes from and why they should not only make choices that benefit our Swedish farmers, but also make demands so that we can eventually pass on a Swedish agriculture that is strong and alive in the future. This is the most important prerequisite for the development of Nordic food.

“I am incredibly honoured and proud to have been chosen to represent Sweden for this fantastic award. This is an area that is not only close to my heart, but is the driving force in everything I do,” says Lisa Lemke.