Nordic Food for Many

Goes to a person or an organization, who has done an extraordinary effort to encourage meals, quality and a Nordic food culture in public meals.

Norway – Ringsaker municipality

Ringsaker municipality is one of the country’s largest agricultural municipalities. Local products are common in the municipal work. Through the project Matkommunen Ringsaker, the municipality works closely with local producers and the food industry to facilitate further use of local ingredients and food concepts. Production, tracking and delivery of local food, as well as distribution, visibility and marketing, have been linked to municipal services such as nursing homes, nursing homes, schools and kindergartens.  

At the municipality’s central kitchen, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper are produced and delivered to residents in nursing homes, in housing associations and home-dwelling users. In this way, children and young people get a relationship with local food production, and the elderly and sick are served local food with information about where in the local area the food is produced. 

The municipality has also been a driving force in adapting the legislation so that a larger proportion of local raw materials can be used in food production. In addition, a number of food festivals are organized to make the local food available to a larger audience. For everyone who lives and works in Ringsaker, quality food has become an attraction with a local affiliation.