Nordic Food for Many

Goes to a person or an organization, who has done an extraordinary effort to encourage meals, quality and a Nordic food culture in public meals.

Sweden – Sara Seing f.d. Jervfors

Sara Seing, dietary manager, developed an arena for sustainable produced local food in Södertälje municipality. By creating conditions, through cooperation with local actors, more producers can produce, grow, and sell their products to the municipality and inspire other municipalities to get involved in making more local and sustainably produced food a reality.  Sara has with her leadership managed to use the school meals to develop local initiatives for more sustainably produced food and food systems and increase the importance of good and nutritious diet for children.

Om MatLust Utvecklingsnod – MatLust

“It is a great honor to represent Sweden in this vital competition. Sweden as country is an example that serves free nutritious school meals. I hope that with this nomination we will share our knowledge and experience with other public meal operators in the Nordic region, so that together we can gear up and contribute to increased local sustainable food production,” says Sara Seing