Nordic Food Artisan

Goes to a food artisan, who have developed a unique product which represent a high gastronomic quality and is rooted in Nordic raw ingredients and artisan traditions.

Sweden – Sophia Lovén, Temp:ish

Sophia Lovén has successfully developed a traditional Swedish lupin bean from Skåne into a tasty delicacy, named Temp:ish. Temp:ish is an organic, soy-free and gluten-free plant-based protein-source that consists of fermented lupin beans. She runs her artisan production on her farm in Roslagen, a coastal area in the province of Uppland. Sophia Lovén has built a transparent value chain for new green proteins that are otherwise mostly talked about in large-scale industry. This meets a new market, not least through smaller producers and restaurants looking for raw materials with extra values. Sophia has created a refined product for further refining.

– I’m happy to represent Sweden in the Embla Food Awards finals as a Nordic food artisan! I am proud to participate with Temp:ish, a fermented lupin bean, which is a fantastic Swedish-grown protein source.”