Nordic Food for Many

Goes to a person or an organization, who has done an extraordinary effort to encourage meals, quality and a Nordic food culture in public meals.

The Nominees are


Anne-Birgitte Agger has been the driving force in improving the quality of meals provided in the public sector since the 1990s by advocating and enabling greater consumption of seasonal organic fresh products in public sector kitchens. Agger is decidedly innovative when it comes to good food ideas that create the radical changes that are needed to transform our meals and our society. She has converted the public kitchens in Copenhagen to 90% organic under the concept ”conversion in the mind and in the kitchen”, and has been the driving force behind a new and improved eating culture in the public space.


Matvalget (e. The food choice) is a guidance service for catering to large households/institutions who want to make sustainable and organic food. Their food and environmental guides can assist in everything from food-related courses, inspirational courses and tours, seminars, as well as guidance in menu planning and purchasing with sustainable commodities for large kitchen in municipalities, county municipalities or private chains. Matvalget performs an important social mission in the Norwegian authorities' goal of increased production and consumption of organic food.



The World Championships in alpine skiing and Biathlon took place in the course of 1 1/2 months in Jämtland 2019. The competitions were organized by the partnership network WCR, World Championship Region.

The competition succeeded with the goal that 80% of the food served at the arenas to VIP guests, audiences and volunteers was produced in Sweden with advantage for local and regional food. In addition they achieved the goal of 100% Swedish animal welfare and food requirements. The local and regional food has been made visible on the spot for visitors. The regional added value was signaled via table riders, informative food posters and films about food and food production shown on the big screens in the arena. Through cross-industry meetings in the food value chain, many new collaborations and business contacts have been established. Thanks to the focus on food as part of the sustainability goal during the World Championships 2019, the region has strengthened the position as a professional sustainable organizer of major events. The World Championships events 2019 can be seen as a start and inspiration for others including food as an important regional development force. The World Championships have been visited by more than 200,000 people.


Godby High School is the second largest high school in Åland. The school has 30 teachers and 200+ students, divided into profile classes according to areas of interest; creative, media and language, natural scientists and sports.

The school's vision is to create a school culture where trust and knowledge are at the center and where all pupils are given the opportunity to develop on the basis of their own conditions and in this way have a stable foundation for lifelong learning. As movement is known to have a positive impact on learning and well-being the school places great emphasis on physical activity. The kitchen's staff work with joy and care, local produce, preferably organic, to give the school's students and staff the best possible fuel for body and mind.



Salpaus is one of the largest providers of vocational education in Finland preparing more than 2500 free school meals daily – continuously reducing food waste and favoring local ingredients. Salpaus is a pioneer in using Finnish vegetable protein and in introducing vegetarian options to professional catering. Cultivating and increasing the use of domestic plant-based proteins has positive effects on nutrition, on the environment and on the protein self-sufficiency. Salpaus’ catering team has led the way by sourcing its broad beans and peas directly from local producers. It has built extensive collaboration networks throughout the food supply chain, and shared insights and information with professional catering providers, students, staff and the public. Finnish vegetable protein has also been widely promoted and served at prominent events, even at the President’s Independence Day reception.




IKEA in Iceland has achieved exceptional results in the sale of food in recent years. Now IKEA's restaurant in Garðabær is among the most popular ones in Iceland. During a 12-year period, the turnover increased thirty-six-times which is quite unique. After the economic collapse in 2008, the management decided to increase the restaurant service with the aim of getting more customers into the store. They decided among other things to give children free meals and lower prices of various dishes. That worked brilliantly.

The restaurant focuses on national food traditions and national ingredients. A new and improved bakery sells popular bread, small dishes and sandwiches, salads and classic pastries at a reasonable price.

Managers of IKEA in Iceland have focused on selling food that does not need to be transported far away.