Nordic Food Producer

Goes to the farmer, the fisherman, the hunter or the collector, who represent raw ingredients of high gastronomic quality, who make use of the Nordic natural and cultural terroir and who himself is producing, catching or collecting the raw materials.

The Nominees are


Hestbjerg Økologi is an old family farm with roots back to 1623. We are the 16th generation. Our passion is pigs, and we focus entirely on supplying high quality organic pork. Our vision is to provide the very best conditions for our pigs, and to continue to acquire consumers who are willing to purchase our pork. This vision has led to “the poplar pigs from Hestbjerg”. Animal welfare is fulcrum in this concept. However, recycling, minimization of CO2 emissions, and respect for our nature and wildlife is becoming an increasingly important part of our production frame. This is a dynamic process where the journey never ends. Together with 25 motivated employees, we love our jobs, and hope that tomorrow we are able to push the frame a little bit further than yesterday.


Roderick Sloan is one of Norway's leading commodity suppliers. He reaps and delivers top sea products to several of the world's best restaurants. Norwegian Green sea urchins, found off the coast of Arctic Norway, is collected by hand, by diving, in the freezing North Sea water by Roderick himself.  He is particularly keen to harvest from the sea in a sustainable manner. Most of what he finds in an area, he leaves behind and he does not reap more than growth. Throughout his work he is truly an ambassador for Norwegian seafood and marine resources. 


Faroe Islands

The neighbouring farms of Miðstovugarðurin and Uttastovugarðurin are situated in the village of Sandur on the island of Sandoy. They have pioneered the challenging art of growing vegetables on the Faroe Islands, which had been abandoned for several generations due to the difficult natural circumstances and cheap imports. 

Through trial and error they have developed specialized approaches to vegetable-cultivation in the harsh environment, and the availability of high quality local produce have been instrumental for the development of the faroese gastronomical environment.

The farms have tirelessly promoted the awareness of high quality local produce, for example through a local potato-festival, which is now an annual island-wide tourist attraction.

The latest development is the formation of an interest group based in Sandur called Veltan, which works to promote the production of vegetables on the islands, both for own use and for distrubution. Veltan also works as a sales platform and is the basis of a new Folk High School centered on vegetable-production.


Gunnarshögs Gård is a family farm and has been run by the Nilsson family since 1897. In the scenic Österlen, of southern Sweden, among golden fields of rapeseed the raw materials are grown which are then processed to be sold in the farm shop and by retailers all over the country. The business has evolved from a traditional agriculture to an innovative food company with cold pressed rapeseed oil in focus. The rapeseed is grown at the farm or nearby, which gives full control over the entire production, from seed to bottle. Cold pressing takes place on the farm and is a very gentle process, which with low temperature and mechanical force, pressing the oil out of the seeds, drop by drop. This result is a rapeseed oil of the highest quality, with natural golden color and a lovely nutty taste. Gunnarshögs Gård contributes to a living countryside, sustainable development with jobs, profitable entrepreneurship and high quality food. The assortment consists of different kinds of rapeseed oils, marinades, dressings, and roasted seeds. Gunnarshögs Gård also has an ongoing project together with the University of Lund where they want to create a vegetable protein of the residual product from the oil pressing.


In the early 90s, Sören took the first step towards what today is Överängs Mill in Saltvik. Twenty-five years later, the mill has been expanded and Sören can name himself as a miller. He started grinding wheat flour with a stone mill that was driven around by belts and a tractor. The flour was sold to relatives and friends and through them word spread. Three years later, the demand was stable. The mills moved out of the garage and a used stone mill was purchased. By this time, a ton of flour a year was produced. Everything done by hand. Inside the mill Sören's clever solutions are made visible in the web of pipes, floor to ceiling, all necessary for the grain to pass all stages to finished flour. 

Sören´s basic requirement is that the raw material is organic and locally grown.



Hauhala goose farm specializes in breeding geese following ethical guidelines and producing own goose meat products. Free-range grown geese are living thus free from stress – in spacious and stimulating environment in the midst of Finnish lake district. The whole production is made in-house following highest ecological standards. The entire bird is carefully utilized while upholding the principles of ethical production throughout the production chain. Top-notch goose products are delivered for restaurants, catering, wholesale and consumers. The dedicated product assortment is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. Hauhala has been recognized with various national awards.


Vogafjós farm has been owned by the same family for about 120 years, passed from one generation to another. The farm consists of approximately 120 sheep and about 40 cows and cattle. The farmers at Vogafjós run a small restaurant inside the cowshed where you can see the cows through windows. Everything served is homemade local food such as smoked trout, lamb, mozzarella and salad cheese made from their own milk. Rye bread, which is baked in the ground in geothermal heat, is sold warm to the customers.

Together with the farm and the restaurant, the family at Vogar, run Vogafjós Guesthouse with total 26 rooms. Vogafjós is certified by the official quality and environmental system that is used within Icelandic tourism.