Nordic Food Entrepreneur

Goes to a person, a company or an organization, who has developed a new method which is built on food artisan tradition and has broad appeal and market potential.

Finland, Thomas Snellman, Developer and distributor of the REKO retail

Inspired by a delivery model for short food supply chain in France, organic farmer Thomas Snellman, brought the REKO retail and distribution model for local food to Finland. REKO, launched in 2013, stands for fair consuming and offers customers a unique way of ordering products directly from the producer, without the need for middlemen and administrative costs. The REKO networks operate via closed Facebook groups in which orders and deliveries are agreed on. The revolutionary REKO model has spread widely due to Snellman’s enthusiastic and inspiring work: over 150 networks with over 200 000 consumers operate in Finland, over 30 networks in Sweden and there’s a growing interest in other Nordic countries and Europe.